Notion Client Portal Template

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As freelancers, we focus on the client experience because we care. And we want our customers to love working with us. Notion client template empowers you to create fully customizable, lovable client experiences that you're proud to put your name and brand on.

Create your own fully branded client experience. Extensive design choices and visibility settings for personalized URLs and welcoming messages, all under your control.

What’s included?
- Client portal dashboard template
- Project specifications template
- Manage meetings template
- Contracts template
- Payment template
- Moodboard template
- Revisions workspace template
- Project delivery template
- Feedback template

Client portal colors:
- Light
- Dark
- Works on all devices, Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, and Table.
- A Notion account (personal plans are completely free to sign up for!).

How to access the template after purchase?
- You will receive a direct link to the notion client portal template
- Click the link to duplicate the template into your own Notion account.

Much love,

Mangesh 💛

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Notion client portal template to perfect your client experience

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Notion Client Portal Template

0 ratings
I want this!